Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Birthplace: Long Island, New York

“30-something” years old, ......Kyle’s been through a colorful career history, and a somewhat mysterious past, that has led him to his current position as owner & operator of the B&B. After enduring several “educational” relationships over the past few years, and a good amount of time spent single, he’s now in an exclusive relationship with Breyer, a B&B guest originally from Toronto. His main focus continues to be keeping the B&B running and maintaining some semblance of calm amongst the rather diverse array of guests who come through the doors of the B&B.

BRAD STEELE Birthplace: Long Island, New York
In his early 20s, rising star of a minor league baseball team.....he’s looking to break into baseball’s major leagues. And he probably will; he’s already won awards and has a kick-ass batting average. Essentially still in the closet with everyone outside of the B&B....he’s still coming to terms with being gay. Working as the handyman at the B&B is introducing him to the many facets of gay life (many of which he could do without). Though he had a somewhat stable relationship for a while with Matthias, a newer arrival at the B&B, he is currently single & still learning firsthand the ups & downs of gay romance.

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
In his early 30s, high-rolling advertising executive, whose latest promotion forced him to relocate from Los Angeles to the Long Island, New York area. Hence, his current residence at Kyle’s B&B, although his job causes him to travel frequently. Too wrapped up in his job for a serious relationship…, (although he had a near-miss with Sean, a guest at the B&B). He’s also been known to close deals in the bedroom as well as in the boardroom. Just ask famed photographer Max Edgington, one of his recent victims.

Birthplace: Long Island, New York
In his “mid-to-late” 20s, part-time Club DJ.....full-time Gossip and Fashion Plate (or Fashion Disaster..... depending on your taste). He means well, but has been known to instigate major drama just by walking into a room. A rare, semi-long-term relationship with Andrew, (a B&B guest with a baby son), looked as if it might tame Richard’s party ways, but after that didn’t work out, he was back on the circuit again, and making up for lost time. Currently single.....and looking. Watch out!!!!

EDUARDO ALVAREZ Birthplace: Long Island, New York
Eduardo arrived at the B&B a troubled high school senior, when his parents threw him out on the street after he came out to them. Now virtually cut off from his family, he’s made the B&B his home. After months of hard work, (and a brief, disastrous dalliance with Lance), he earned his G.E.D. through self-study. Working as a bus-boy at the Thatched Cottage and trying to get his life on track, he’s currently attending night classes at Stony Brook University.


There have been numerous guests at the B&B over the years. We can't show them all here, but below are some of the special guests, (or friends), who make regular repeat appearances and can be counted on to show up every now & then:

Birthplace: Greenville, South Carolina
Jeff's visits to the B&B always seem to shake things up, but the guys are usually too transfixed by his hairy pecs to complain. In Jeff’s first stay at the B&B, he was a team-mate on Brad's baseball team. Unlike Brad, though, Jeff was out & proud, the only pro-baseball player in the minor or major leagues to be so brave. He paid the price in his career though, ultimately being traded from team to team due to the homophobia of the baseball world, despite his being a very talented player. On a later visit to the B&B, he revealed he is hiv+, and more recently, he left the baseball world due to a knee injury, (unrelated to his hiv status, which appears to be under control). He recently returned to the B&B yet again, and has taken up residence while pursuing his new career, as a nurse, at nearby Huntington Hospital. And shaking things up more than ever, after a catastrophic dalliance with fellow resident Matt!

Birthplace: Bronx, New York
Delia lives down the street from the B&B, and met the guys due to her prior friendship with Richard. As it turns out, she’s a big baseball fan, and can often be found at Brad’s home games, (she’s a season ticketholder for the Wolves). Delia also happens to live in the same apartment house as Steve Brewer, another recurring character, who starred in his own comic strip, An Angel’s Story, (in which Delia was a regular character). Delia was also a regular character in Manic Music, another comic strip, (about the music industry), making her a well-traveled character, to say the least!

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Andrew arrived at the B&B with his recently adopted baby son Heath, in the wake of a nasty break-up with his partner William. After an intense, but relatively brief relationship with Richard, Andrew reconciled with William. Conveniently, Andrew was able to purchase the house right next door to the B&B, and he & William & Heath currently live there, often stopping in to see their friends at the B&B. (Especially Brad, who has become exceptionally close friends with Heath).

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Love him or hate him, the man knows how to make an impression! Formerly a New York City fireman, Nick left that profession in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001, and relocated out on Long Island for several stays at Kyle’s B&B. Brash, outspoken, and unafraid to share his opinion on just about anything, Nick alienated some of the B&B guys with his scathing critiques of gay culture and body-fascism. Currently, he’s returned to his first love, fixing cars, and owns an auto-repair shop in East Northport, (where he also now resides), only 10 minutes away from the B&B.